• Andy Sutton

Remarkable Places to Eat - Christmas!

Updated: Aug 28

Despite the challenges this year - I have been very fortunate to keep working as an editor. As 2020 rolled to an end having completed a varied mix of show during lockdown, Outline Productions offered me the opportunity to close the year with a festive cracker!

Edited remotely with The Farm in Bristol, my PC setup proved once again that this method of editing does not stifle creativity, quality or productivity at all. Out of all the projects I have completed using the Teradici platform - this had the potential to test the system due to the extremely tight Christmas deadlines, channel and press viewings and the quality control necessary on a show of this quality.

Some of the team hadn't edited remotely before this show - and I'm glad to say that my system that enables the client to view the timeline, see and hear me in picture-in-picture and record guide commentary directly into the remote Avid quickly reassured them that this was up to the task.

During these challenging times, technology has offered us a way to keep working, keep creating and ensure that the most important parts of life are maintained . As my wife is a key worker I was able to shift my working day very slightly by starting earlier or finishing later and walk my kids to school, share dinner times and be there for them. If we are to take any positives out of this terrible year, that was a big one.

Enjoy the show and warm seasons greetings to you all!

Remarkable Places to Eat - Bristol Christmas: Christmas Eve, 18:45 - BBC 2

"Michel Roux Jr takes Fred Sirieix for a Christmas treat in his favourite British city, Bristol. First up is a French bistro where they enjoy a stunning cote de boeuf and Michel makes aligot, known as the best mashed potato in the world. The duo then enjoy a swim in one of Britain's oldest lidos, which has an award-winning restaurant serving up a delicious breakfast. Escaping to the countryside, they visit a countryside hotel and restaurant when Fred makes buffalo mozzarella while Michel samples the hotel's own cider, before a return to the city and the multicultural neighbourhood of St Pauls, where they learn to cook Caribbean jerk turkey."