• Andy Sutton

DIY SOS: The Big Build

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

About 14 years ago and newly freelance, I went to BBC Bristol for 2 weeks to cut a DIY SOS on Final Cut Pro. Back then DIY SOS was a half an hour of fun with a single room being transformed by Nick, Chris, Jules and Billy grafting toward an emotional reveal.

After editing two series of these half hour shows (26 episodes), a few years later I was asked to edit an hour long version of the show. It was an entire house and a family with a big problem to fix with the help from their own community. The Big Build was born. Under new creative control the stories were big ones with a deep need from a family who's house was stopping them from living a proper life.

DIY SOS: Grenfell Special

These Big Build films represent some of my proudest moments in TV. I've cut so many now I have lost count (15 plus?) - but each are special and I learn something new everytime I edit on. I've worked with some great people and honed my skills in telling emotional stories with layers, humour and pace. DIY SOS is now in its 31st series and is still going strong!

Last year, after completing work on the emotional Grenfell Special I was asked to edit an episode (this time on Premiere) with the very talented Director Beth Brooks. It was an emotional story and featured a family who really needed help.

It broadcast last week and here's some of what the people had to say about it!