• Andy Sutton

BIG CATS invade NYC!

Last year I had the great pleasure to cut a series for the Smithsonian Channel called "Big Cat Country" for the Bristol based production company Plimsoll Productions.

A series like this requires months and months of filming by a dedicated and talented Natural History crew on location in Africa. The media is then flown back, loaded in, logged and then we sift, sort and arrange the footage for weeks. We tell the story. Write the voice over. Add music and polish it. The programme then gets feedback from the client. Final tweaks are made. The show is then graded, mixed and voice over is added. The films are finished, delivered to the client and we all move on to our next adventure.

A post on social media provided a reminder of this invisible process we are all part of to those who enjoy the shows.

This is a picture of giant billboard on Times Square in New York City! It's a nice to see how our work escaped and people are watching and enjoying the stories told. You can watch clips of the show HERE.