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Margaret was born 29 Dec 1816 in Reeds Farm Moreton, the fourth child and first daughter born to John and Elizabeth.At the age 23 of Margaret married James Stanley on the 11 April 1839 in St. Oswald Parish Church, Bidston. The wedding was witnessed by John (Farmer) and Joseph (Farrier) elder brothers of Margaret.

James Stanley was born on the 25 January 1808 in Dodleston, Cheshire and was baptised on the 13 March 1808 at St Mary Parish Church, Dodleston, Cheshire, the fifth chid of John Stanley and Elizabeth Stubbs.

Children of James and Margaret Stanley are:

Big crowds at Harrison drive watched 60 people nearly all of them women - baptised by immersion in the seaBaptised by immersion in the sea was known as "the big dip baptism". Just over sixty men and women were baptised by immersion in the sea near Harrison drive. The date was September 5 1923. The ceremony was in connection with a Big Tent Mission conducted at Seacombe. A news report at the time stated that the females were attired in full length garments of black serge, with rubber caps and males in jackets and trousers of the same material. The baptismal ceremony was performed in a channel near the edge of the sea. The officiating brethren wore black macintosh overalls. The candidates were led to them one by one and gently immersed.

Did your ancestors own / manage / tenant a farm on the Wirral? If this is the case, I would be obliged if you would consider forwarding on the details so that we can compile an index of farms and their occupiers. Given that the Wirral's predominant industry, until the start of the First World War was agriculture, I think that a comprehensive index of Farms and Landowners is an essential genealogical resource. Thank you.

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Reasons to trace your family history

People have always had a strong desire to know more about their past and how certain circumstances shaped their present life. Whether it is a hobby, a curiosity or an experience you want to learn from, genealogy is essential in our everyday life. It is about discovering the story of your family, your heritage, a medical history and more.

To investigate on your family’s history means to learn more about yourself. Tracing your roots helps you maintain the memories alive for the generations about to come. Times flies fast and it is important to pass on the legacy to your children and grandchildren. Tell them about who they are; where they come from and introduce them to the ancestors they never met. If you look from your ancestors’ perspective you represent their future. You are the outcome of the hardships all the past generations overcame for a better life.

Another reason to trace your family records is that you get to know your geographically heritage. You can find out if you are a descendent from a great duke or hero. The information gotten from a family tree might make you travel in their footsteps. Keep track of your family’s migrations to different countries or even continents. This allows you to preserve the origin of the culture and traditions you treasure today.

Medical conditions crucial for your health should be something to take in consideration. Nowadays, the number of hereditary diseases has increased. When you study the past, this sort of illnesses might come to light and you may be able to tell if you or your loved ones fit into those descriptions. Also, the data you collect can be useful when you want to plan your family, since you will assess the risk of passing certain conditions to your child.

The best way to start your family tree is to interview your living relatives. They will give you clues and tell better stories that anyone else. Collect the facts about yourself and work your way backwards to parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and so on. Gather relevant documents through public records such as birth, marriage or death certificates, immigrations records, wills, land deeds, medical records. If you have very much time on your hands, don’t use the Internet just for fun and type your name on the sites which contain ancestry databases to help you in your process.

You should identify the right people from whom you can find out about accurate and interesting details. Try to focus your attention on either your mother’s side, or the other side of the family for better findings. With a little effort, you can successfully trace your lineage back to approximately mid-1800s, when most countries in Europe began to keep official reports about births, deaths, etc. Whether you do it on your own, or choose a professional to do it, get a chance to unlock your hidden past and to connect with new family members you did not know existed.